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Sheridan  (3M, 2W)


Stuffed in their Uptown apartment, actress Lucy and working stiff Ethan mourn the recent loss of their stillborn child while struggling to forgive each other their failings and bridge the ever-widening gulf between them. Lucy lives in seclusion, obsessively crafting the perfect Facebook post to memorialize a daughter she’ll never know while Ethan strives to project an air of “everything’s fine” on the eve of a family celebration. Set on one wintry night in Chicago, Lucy and Ethan must confront whether there’s anything left between them to save.

"In its best moments, [Sheridan] wrung un-self-conscious tears out of me and knocked the wind out of my lungs as it made its characters work for even tenuous, uncertain hope." - Columbus Underground

"He also includes wry bits of humor that carry the audience through an exceedingly dark voyage. Many left the theater feeling like they didn't see a play; they experienced something real." - BroadwayWorld



Save Ferris  (4M, 4W)


He was the coolest kid in high school -- even when he took the day off his name was on everyone's lips -- but the 30 years since then have not been kind to Ferris Bueller. After all, skirting responsibility isn't quite as charming when you're a middle-aged man. Now he's divorced, broke, friendless and estranged from his teenage daughter, Reagan. Save Ferris follows his desperate attempt to reconnect with Reagan by taking her on a magical journey through Chicago that mirrors the unforgettable day off that secured his since-faded legend three decades ago.

"OK, so this play is hilarious. It does the pop-culture extension thing better than any number of face plants I've seen in that risky genre."  -Max Maller, Chicago Reader


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